One SIGNED copy of Stars Over Sunset Boulevard (ends 1/7/16) - winner is Bonnie K!

Winner's Choice of One "Top 11" Book of 2015 (ends 1/8/16)  - winner is Letty B!!

One copy of The Evening Spider (ends 2/8/16) - winner is Rhonda L!!

One copy of In the Land of the Armadillos (ends 2/12/16) - winner is Letty B!

One copy of Taming the Twisted (ends 2/18/16) - Carl S!

eBook copies of The Virgin of the Wind Rose (ends 3/17/16) - Magdalena and Meredith!

One copy of Terrible Virtue by Ellen Feldman (ends 4/4/16) - Rhonda L.!

One copy of The Dark Lady's Mask (ends 4/27/16)  - Audra!

One copy of 300 Days of Sun (ends 4/27/16) - Bonnie K!

One copy of When It Rained at Hembry Castle (ends 5/2/16) - Meredith M!

One copy of The Railwayman's Wife (ends 5/2/16) - Letty B!

One copy of Rare Objects (ends 5/13/16) - Holly!

One eBook copy of 1906 (ends 5/19/16) - Caryl K!

One eBook copy of Alice in Bed (ends 5/20/16) - Audra!!

One copy of Eliza Waite (ends 5/31/16) - Kara S!

One copy of June (ends 6/1/16) - Jennifer C!

One copy of The Summer Guest (ends 6/14/16) - Carl S!

One copy of The Tulip Factory (ends 7/18/16) - Letty B!

One copy of Secrets of Nanreath Hall (ends 8/16/16) - Kara S!

One copy of Root, Petal, Thorn (ends 8/30/16) - Letty B!

Two copies of SCARRED: A Civil War Novel of Redemption (ends 9/20/16) - Carl S and Anne!

One copy of A Better Truth by Valerie Joan Connors (ends 9/27/16) - Bonnie K!

One copy of Fill the Sky by Katherine A. Sherbrooke (ends 11/1/16) - Sarah M!

One copy of Roman Rescue by Michelle Gilliam (ends 11/8/16) - Letty B!

Two copies of How Will I Know You? by Jessica Treadway (ends 12/13/16) - Stephanie H and Kimberly V!



5 eBook copies of The Spider and the Stone (ends 2/11/15) - winners are Kara S, Julia H, Margaret C, Charlene C and Dee S!

Paperback copy of The Witch of Napoli (ends 3/1/15) - winner is Carol L!

Lace Bookmark( ends 3/12/15) - winner is Anne (traveler)!

Sisters of Shiloh (ends 3/19/15) - winner is Carol Wong!

Print copy of Inspector of the Dead (ends 4/27/15) - winner is Jenny Collins Belk!!

Paperback or eBook (winner's choice) of Stella Rose (ends 4/30/15) -  winner is traveler!!

eBook copy of The Grip of God (ends 5/13/15) - winner is Barry Collins!

Paperback or eBook (winner's choice) of A Pledge of Better Times (ends 5/22/15) - winner is Anne Berger!

Paperback copy of The Outer Banks House (ends 6/16/15) - winner is Angela Holland!

Signed paperback copy of Watch the Lady (ends 6/18/15) -  winner is Letty Blanchard!

Paperback copy of The Seven Sisters (ends 6/19/15) -  winner is Kimberly Vaccaro!

5 eBook copies of BOTH Come Dancing and Keep Dancing (ends 6/25/15) -  winner is Susie Q. Law!

Paperback copy of Mireille (ends 6/29) - winner is Kayla!

Finished copy of The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach and beach bag (ends 8/27/15) -  winner is Melissa Seng!

Finished copy of Come Away with Me (ends 9/3/15) - winner is Kimberly Vaccaro!

Finished copy of The Sisters of Versailles (ends 9/18/15) - winner is Linda Hodges!

Paperback copy of Girl Waits with Gun (ends 10/5/15)  - winner is Carl Scott!

Paperback copy of Avelynn (ends 10/8/15) -  winner is Angela Holland!

TWO Copies of Tiger Heart (ends 10/12/15) - winners are Bonnie Zobel Karoly and Diana So!

Paperback copy of Mistress of the Court (ends 10/14/15) - winner is Kim Ellis!

One copy of The Determined Heart (ends 10/20/15) - winner is Bonnie Karoly!

One copy of All the Stars in the Heavens (ends 10/26/15) - winner is Melanie L.!

One eBook copy of Castles, Customs and Kings (ends 12/3/15) - winner is Denise Duvall!

One copy of The Conqueror's Wife (ends 12/9/15) - winner is Carl Scott!

One copy of Becoming George Washington (ends 12/30/15) - winner is Faye Gates!


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    1. I think I fixed it (already!). Let me know if it works!

  2. How weird!! Let me go to blogger and see if I can figure out what the problem is...I'm new to this so let's see how long it takes for me to figure it out :). Thanks for trying to follow me, I appreciate it!