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Book Blast: The Saffron Crocus by Alison McMahan

Please join Alison McMahan as she tours the blogosphere with HF Virtual Book Tours for The Saffron Crocus from April 13th - June 5th!

Publication Date: December 13, 2014
Black Opal Books
eBook; 306p

Genre: Young Adult/Historical Mystery/Romance

Winner of the 2014 Rosemary Award for Best Historical for Young Adults

Venice, 1643. Isabella, fifteen, longs to sing in Monteverdi’s Choir, but only boys (and castrati) can do that. Her singing teacher, Margherita, introduces her to a new wonder: opera! Then Isabella finds Margherita murdered. Now people keep trying to kill Margherita’s handsome rogue of a son, Rafaele.

Was Margherita killed so someone could steal her saffron business? Or was it a disgruntled lover, as Margherita—unbeknownst to Isabella—was one of Venice’s wealthiest courtesans?

Or will Isabella and Rafaele find the answer deep in Margherita’s past, buried in the Jewish Ghetto?

Isabella has to solve the mystery of the Saffron Crocus before Rafaele hangs for a murder he didn’t commit, though she fears the truth will drive her and the man she loves irrevocably apart.


Who knew a singing career would be this much trouble?

“Rafaele!” She flew into the garret. “Piero, it was so wonderful, wait until I tell you!”

The stool next to the bed was knocked over. The tray with the genepy bottle was on the floor, one of the cups broken. The fat candle that had been burning next to Rafaele’s bed had been flung to the other side of the room.. Canvases were strewn all over the floor, some of them slashed, and many of Master Strozzi’s jars of paint elements were broken.

Did Piero and Rafaele have a fight? She quickly suppressed the thought. Who would get into a fight with a man who was already injured?

Something else must have happened.

She walked across the garret. “Piero? Rafaele, are you here?”

Rafaele was not in the bed. The sheets and blankets she had piled on top of him were strewn every where. Blood-stained sheets spilled over the edge of the pallet. There was a pile of clothes on the floor.

She walked around to get a closer look.

Not clothes. It was Piero. Face down, one arm stretched out before him, as if in supplication.

A puddle of blood under him.


Praise for The Saffron Crocus

“I adored this beautifully written, passionate book. The Saffron Crocus is a glittering, thrilling opera of a novel that plucked my heartstrings and kept me reading at fever pitch. Brava, Alison McMahan! Encore!” -Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Wicked Saga

Buy the eBook

Black Opal Books
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Alison McMahan chased footage for her documentaries through jungles in Honduras and Cambodia, favelas in Brazil and racetracks in the U.S. She brings the same sense of adventure to her award-
winning books of historical mystery and romantic adventure for teens and adults. Her latest publication is The Saffron Crocus, a historical mystery for young. Murder, Mystery & Music in 17th Century Venice.

She loves hearing from readers!

Author Links

Webpage for The Saffron Crocus

The Saffron Crocus Blog Tour and Book Blast Schedule

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M.K. Tod's Annual Historical Fiction Readers Survey Is Live!

If you love historical fiction and spend a lot of time reading about it and discussing it on social  media, there's a good chance you have either come across M.K. Tod's novels or the wonderful Historical Fiction readers survey she has done over the last few years. I've participated in the survey in the past and love seeing the results of what other like-minded readers find intriguing (or not) about Historical Fiction and seeing how the trends are developing and changing as the years pass. I'm  happy to share with you her 2015 Historical Fiction Readers Survey has gone live and you can now participate! I've already taken the survey and signed up to receive the results after it closes on May 14th. So read on below to learn more about the survey and how to participate!
Writers and readers – a symbiotic relationship. Ideas spark writers to create stories and build worlds and characters for readers’ consumption. Readers add imagination and thought along with their backgrounds and attitudes to interpret those stories, deriving meaning and enjoyment in the process. A story is incomplete without both writer and reader.
What then do readers want? What constitutes a compelling story? How do men and women differ in their preferences? Where do readers find recommendations? What are their attitudes to pricing or their favourite reading blogs? These and other questions have been the subject of two previous reader surveys.
ANNOUNCING A 2015 READER SURVEY designed to solicit further input on reading habits, historical fiction preferences, favourite authors and, for the first time, favourite historical fiction. THE SURVEY WILL BE OPEN UNTIL MAY 14.
If you are a reader or a writer, please take the survey
with friends and family and on your favourite social media. Robust participation across age groups, countries, and other demographics will make this year’s survey even more significant. Those who take the survey will be able to sign up to receive a summary report when it becomes available.
HISTORICAL FICTION IS MAINSTREAM: Less than 2% of participants said they rarely or never read historical fiction.
GENDER MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Women and men differ significantly in their reading habits and preferences and their views of historical fiction.
AGE MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Those under 30 have different preferences for genre and time period 
and have different patterns of consumption and acquisition.
SOCIAL MEDIA IS HAVING A BIG IMPACT ON READING: Social media and online sites play an increasingly significant role for those choosing, purchasing, and talking about fiction.
BOOK BLOGS ARE VERY POPULAR: 1,473 participants listed one, two or three favourite blogs.
GEOGRAPHY: Responses to questions such as the use of online tools for recommendations and purchasing and preferred setting for historical fiction varied by geography.
PRICING: Sadly, readers are pushing for low prices. For example, 60% want e-books at $5.99 or less and 66% want paperbacks at $10.99 or less.
ONLINE BOOK CLUBS ARE GAINING POPULARITY: 21% belong to online clubs while 15% belong to clubs meeting in a physical location
VOLUME OF BOOKS READ MAKES A DIFFERENCE: for example, high volume readers have different expectations for book reviews, a higher interest in tracking their books, and higher usage of online tools and social media to augment their reading experience.
Participate in this year’s survey by clicking the link and please share the URL with others (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GXRD9B7).
M.K. Tod writes historical fiction and blogs about all aspects of the genre at A Writer of History. Her latest novel, LIES TOLD IN SILENCE is set in WWI France and is available from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Google Play and iTunes. Her debut novel, UNRAVELLED: Two wars. Two affairs. One marriage. is also available from these retailers.
Mary can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.


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Spotlight on Stella Rose by Tammy Flanders Hetrick + Giveaway!

Upon Stella Rose’s death, her best friend, Abby, moves to rural Vermont to take care of her sixteen-year-old daughter, Olivia. But Abby struggles to connect with Olivia and she soon finds guardianship of a headstrong teenager daunting beyond her wildest misgivings. Despite her best efforts, and the help of friends old and new, she is unable to keep Olivia from self-destruction. As Abby’s journey unfolds, she grapples with raising a grieving teenager, realizes she didn’t know Stella as well as she thought, and discovers just how far she will go to save the most precious thing in her life.

About the Author

Tammy Flanders Hetrick has been telling stories all her life, refining her skills at age ten through marathon tag-team storytelling with her best friend, honing her
Jessica Anderson Photography
craft through decades of business writing, and ultimately finding joy in extracurricular creative writing. She has published short stories in Your Teen Magazine, Blue Ocean Institute's Sea Stories, and Route 7 Literary Journal. In 2009 she was recognized with the Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition's Pioneering Woman Award for coaching and mentoring women in the workplace. Hetrick lives in Vermont with her husband of thirty years, their two cats, and a beagle/miniature bull mix. Her website is http://www.tammyflandershetrick.com/.
You can also connect with Tammy on Facebook and Twitter.


Thanks to the publisher I have one copy of Stella Rose (Paperback or eBook, winner's choice) to give away! This giveaway is open to US and Canada only and you can enter by leaving a comment below and then completing the form HERE.
PLEASE NOTE: The mandatory entry requires you to leave a comment on this post and then completing the entry form. If you do not leave a comment you are not entered. If you do not fill out the entry form you are not entered. Both of these items must be completed for the mandatory entry! Make sure to also leave your email address on the entry form so I can contact you if you are the winner.
For extra entries you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads (links on the right hand sidebar) and leave the name you follow with on the giveaway form.
That's it! I'll pick the winner on 4/30 and the winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email before I have to pick another winner.
Good luck!

Blog Tour Schedule

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Spotlight on To Catch a Falling Star by Anna Belfrage

Please join Anna Belfrage as she tours the blogosphere with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for the To Catch a Falling Star Blog Tour, from April 7th - May 8th! 

Publication Date: March 1, 2015
SilverWood Books
Formats: eBook, Paperback

Series: Book Eight, The Graham Saga
Genre: Historical Fiction/Time-Slip

To Catch a Falling Star is the eighth book in Anna Belfrage’s series featuring time traveller Alexandra Lind and her seventeenth century husband, Matthew Graham.

Some gifts are double-edged swords …

For Matthew Graham, being given the gift of his former Scottish manor is a dream come true. For his wife, Alex, this gift will force her to undertake a perilous sea journey, leaving most of their extensive family in the Colony of Maryland. Alex is torn apart by this, but staying behind while her husband travels to Scotland is no option.

Scotland in 1688 is a divided country, torn between the papist Stuart king and the foreign but Protestant William of Orange. In the Lowlands, popular opinion is with Dutch William, and Matthew’s reluctance to openly support him does not endear him to his former friends and neighbours.

While Matthew struggles to come to terms with the fact that Scotland of 1688 bears little resemblance to his lovingly conserved memories, Alex is forced to confront unresolved issues from her past, including her overly curious brother-in-law, Luke Graham. And then there’s the further complication of the dashing, flamboyant Viscount Dundee, a man who knocks Alex completely off her feet.

All the turmoil that accompanies their return to Scotland pales into insignificance when a letter arrives, detailing the calamities threatening their youngest daughter in Maryland – at the hand of that most obnoxious minister, Richard Campbell. Matthew and Alex have no choice but to hasten back, no matter the heartache this causes.

Will they make it back in time? And what will Richard Campbell do?

Buy the Book

Barnes & Noble

The Graham Saga Titles

Book One: A Rip in the Veil
Book Two: Like Chaff in the Wind
Book Three: The Prodigal Son
Book Four: A Newfound Land
Book Five: Serpents in the Garden
Book Six: Revenge & Retribution
Book Seven: Whither Thou Goest
Book Eight: To Catch a Falling Star

About the Author

I was raised abroad, on a pungent mix of Latin American culture, English history and Swedish traditions. As a result I’m multilingual and most of my reading is historical – both non-fiction and fiction.

I was always going to be a writer – or a historian, preferably both. Instead I ended up with a degree in Business and Finance, with very little time to spare for my most favourite pursuit. Still, one does as one must, and in between juggling a challenging career I raised my four children on a potent
combination of invented stories, historical debates and masses of good food and homemade cakes.
They seem to thrive … Nowadays I spend most of my spare time at my writing desk. The children are half grown, the house is at times eerily silent and I slip away into my imaginary world, with my imaginary characters. Every now and then the one and only man in my life pops his head in to ensure I’m still there. I like that – just as I like how he makes me laugh so often I’ll probably live to well over a hundred.

I was always going to be a writer. Now I am – I have achieved my dream.

For more information, please visit Anna Belfrage’s website and blog. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Spotlight on BRAG Medallion Winners Virginia King, Amber Foxx and M.L. Eaton + Giveaway!

Award winning authors Virginia King, Amber Foxx and M.L. Eaton have joined forced to offer a Mystical Mystery Series Book Bundle!
Discover a touch of the mystical and an innovative take on mystery from an international trio of authors.  Australian Virginia King, American Amber Foxx and British Marion Eaton – all B.R.A.G. Medallion winners – have teamed up for a giveaway and over a week of discounts from April 21st  – April 30th! During this time you can purchase the first book in each of their series in eBook format for $1.99 and from April 21st - April 26th you can enter to win a paperback copy of the books. Continue below for all the information!

The first Mae Martin Psychic Mystery

Obeying her mother’s warning, Mae Martin-Ridley has spent years hiding her gift of “the sight.” When concern for a missing hunter compels her to use it again, her peaceful life in a small Southern town begins to fall apart. New friends push her to explore her unusual talents, but as she does, she discovers the shadow side of her visions – access to secrets she could regret uncovering.

Gift or curse? When an extraordinary ability intrudes on an ordinary life, nothing can be the same again.


 The Mae Martin Series

No murder, just mystery. Every life hides a secret, and love is the deepest mystery of all.
You can learn more about Amber Foxx's Mae Martin series and purchase The Calling for $1.99 HERE.
The Mysterious Marsh Series, Book One
When Lawyer Hazel Dawkins decides to write some wills while she waits for the birth of her first child, she unwittingly triggers dramatic consequences. Mysteriously, she encounters Annie, a woman whose tempestuous life took place  more than two centuries earlier when Romney Marsh was a violent place, dominated by smugglers.  Soon that past collides with the present, and Hazel finds herself pitted against an evil that has stalked the marsh for centuries. As her destiny intertwines with Annie's in the shifting time-scape, Hazel confronts a terrifying challenge that parallels history - and could even change it. If she survives.
You can learn more about this series at the author's website HERE and can purchase When the Clocks Stopped for $1.99 HERE.

Selkie Moon Mystery Series, Book One

 Selkie Moon is a woman on the run.  In a mad dash for freedom she's escaped her life in Sydney to start over again in Hawaii.  But her refuge begins to unravel and she's running from something else entirely.  A voice in a dream says that someone is trying to kill her.  Not that she's psychic, no way. But the messages and threats escalate until she's locked in a game of cat and mouse with a mysterious stalker.  Entangled in Celtic and Hawaiian mythologies, the events become so bizarre and terrifying that her instinct is to keep running.  But is she running from her past?  Or her future?
You can find out more about the Selkie Moon Mystery Series HERE and purchase the book for $1.99 HERE.

Enter the drawing now to win paperback copies of all three books!!


When you click on the Rafflecopter link HERE you’ll be invited to choose which series you would like to learn more about. This will enter you in the drawing.
To get an additional entry, click on the option to tweet the give-away. The giveaway runs from April 21 – April 26.  The winner will be announced on April 27.
Good luck!!





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Inspector of the Dead Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway!

Publication Date: March 24, 2015
Mulholland Books
Hardcover; 342p
ISBN: 9780316323932

Genre: Historical Mystery


David Morrell’s MURDER AS A FINE ART was a publishing event. Acclaimed by critics, it made readers feel that they were actually on the fogbound streets of Victorian London. Now the harrowing journey continues in INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD.

Thomas De Quincey, infamous for his Confessions of an Opium-Eater,confronts London’s harrowing streets to thwart the assassination of Queen Victoria.
The year is 1855. The Crimean War is raging. The incompetence of British commanders causes the fall of the English government. The Empire teeters.

Amid this crisis comes opium-eater Thomas De Quincey, one of the most notorious and brilliant personalities of Victorian England. Along with his irrepressible daughter, Emily, and their Scotland Yard companions, Ryan and Becker, De Quincey finds himself confronted by an adversary who threatens the heart of the nation.

This killer targets members of the upper echelons of British society, leaving with each corpse the name of someone who previously attempted to kill Queen Victoria. The evidence indicates that the ultimate victim will be Victoria herself. As De Quincey and Emily race to protect the queen, they uncover long-buried secrets and the heartbreaking past of a man whose lust for revenge has destroyed his soul.

Brilliantly merging historical fact with fiction, Inspector of the Dead is based on actual attempts to assassinate Queen Victoria.

What Did I Think About the Story?

It has been a while since I've read a good, old-fashioned crime mystery but, having now read Inspector of the Dead, I have the urge to read more and more of them! Thomas De Quincey sets a new high standard for tragic yet brilliant crime solvers and it is his unique perspective, fueled by opium nightmares and a brain that won't stop, that makes him so open to deciphering the criminal mind and motive and guiding his companions, and the reader, to a conclusion nearly impossible to find any other way. Combine this with stellar writing full of real history and a wealth of heart and action and you have a book that is truly unputdownable.

Mixed in with the classic crime mystery our characters are trying to solve (who is killing wealthy citizens of London? Why are they targeting these particular people and who might be next? Why are they posing the victims the way they are and why are they putting notes with the names of people who tried to kill the Queen on the victims?), the reader gets to hear the story from the perspective of the killer, called "the revenger", who gives us his history full of pain, degradation and humiliation.  You cannot help but feel for the revenger even as you are shocked and disgusted by his actions. The reader also gets to read entries from Emily De Quincey's journal that shows her own brilliant mind as well as the harsh life she and her father have lived due to the hold his laudanum addiction has over his life. These three varying ways of seeing the story made for a completely rounded perspective and made it evident that no one was all good or all bad. I found this to be an irresistible way to tell the story and made me really care for all of the characters no matter what their role in it.

Being the lover of history that I am, I found the extensive true history weaved in through this fictional story fascinating as well. So much of this story is true, including Thomas and Emily De Quincey and the information given about the men who had attempted to kill the Queen before the events in Inspector of the Dead. The background regarding the development and advancement of the London police department and forensics was also intriguing and instantly had me searching out more information about crime solving during Victorian times. The reader is also given information on the horrible treatment of the lower classes, especially Irish immigrants, and the appalling conditions they lived in, whether on the streets or in prison. David Morrell puts the cherry on top by giving the reader a delightful afterword that wraps up the true history as well as an extensive further reading list. This reader, for one, is so excited to dive in and check out some of the recommended reading!

Inspector of the Dead is the second Thomas De Quincey novel (Murder As A Fine Art being the first) but it is in no way difficult to begin reading the series with this second installment. Not having time to read Murder As A Fine Art before this review was due, I never felt like I was lost in the story or missing something because I did not read the books in order. However, having read and been completely captivated by Inspector of the Dead, I already have Murder As A Fine Art and plan to read it as soon as possible. David Morrell has now become a favorite author to follow!  

What Did I Think About the Cover?

I think it fits the feel and theme of the story perfectly even if I'm not completely sure who the woman on the front is supposed to be  (I guess it could be Emily, although I don't feel like it would be). I love the muted, dark colors and the mystery of where and who the two figures are.

My Rating: 4.5/5.0

Thank you to Amy at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for providing me with a free copy of Inspector of the Dead in exchange for an honest review. Be sure to continue below for more information about the author, the book, the rest of the blog tour and how to win a copy of your very own!

Praise for Inspector of the Dead



“Riveting! I literally thought I was in 1855 London. With this mesmerizing series, David Morrell doesn’t just delve into the world of Victorian England—he delves into the heart of evil, pitting one man’s opium-skewed brilliance against a society where appearances are everything, and the most vicious killers lurk closer than anyone thinks.” —Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of Crash & Burn and The Perfect Husband

What the Victorian Experts Say:

“Even better than Murder as a Fine Art. A truly atmospheric and dynamic thriller. I was fascinated by how Morrell seamlessly blended elements from Thomas De Quincey’s life and work. The solution is a complete surprise.” —Grevel Lindop, The Opium-Eater: A Life of Thomas De Quincey

“The scope is remarkable. Florence Nightingale, the Crimean War, regicide, the railways, opium, the violence and despair of the London rookeries, medical and scientific innovations, arsenic in the food and clothing—all this makes the Victorian world vivid. The way Morrell depicts Thomas De Quincey places him in front of us, living and breathing. But his daughter Emily is in many ways the real star of the book.” —Robert Morrison, The English Opium-Eater: A Biography of Thomas De Quincey

“I absolutely raced through it and couldn’t bear to put it down. I particularly liked how the very horrible crimes are contrasted with the developing, fascinating relationship between Thomas De Quincey and his daughter, Emily, who come across as extremely real. It was altogether a pleasure.” —Judith Flanders, The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Reveled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime

Buy the Book

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

About the Author


David Morrell is an Edgar, Nero, Anthony, and Macavity nominee as well as a recipient of the prestigious career-achievement Thriller Master away from the International Thriller Writers. His numerous New York Times bestsellers include the classic espionage novel. The Brotherhood of the
Rose, the basis for the only television mini-series to be broadcast after a Super Bowl. A former literature professor at the University of Iowa, Morrell has a PhD from Pennsylvania State University. His latest novel is INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD, a sequel to his highly acclaimed Victorian mystery/thriller, Murder as a Fine Art, which Publishers Weekly called ”one of the top ten mystery/thrillers of 2013.”

For more information visit David Morrell’s website. You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.



For the chance to win one print copy of Inspector of the Dead complete the entry form HERE.
For extra entries, follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads and leave the name you follow with on the entry form.
Giveaway Rules
Must be 18 or older to enter

 Giveaway is open to US residents only

Only one entry per household

All giveaway entrants agree to be honest and not cheat the systems; any suspect of fraud is decided upon by blog
/site owner and the sponsor, and entrants may be disqualified at our discretion.

I'll pick a winner on Monday, April 27th.  Be sure to leave your email address on the entry form so I can contact you if you are the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email before I have to pick a new winner.
Good luck!!!


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