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A Grave Inheritanc​e Blog Tour: Review

Publication Date: December 1, 2014
Carina Press

Series: Goddess Born
Genre: Historical/Paranormal/New Adult/Romance


Selah Kilbrid may descend from the goddess Brigid, but her heart beats—and breaks—the same as any human. Yet enduring the scorn of London’s most noble lords and ladies is a small price to pay for a chance at true happiness. Selah would endure much more for love, and her betrothed, Lord Henry Fitzalan, is prepared to challenge anyone foolish enough to stand in their way—even another goddess born.

But when a captivating young gentleman draws Selah into a world shadowed by secrets, she is forced to confront her darkest fears. What if some differences are too great to overcome and a future with Henry is doomed from the start?

With these doubts threatening her impending marriage and the very last of Brigid’s fire draining from her soul, a violent attack on an innocent child pushes Selah to the very edge of her power. She must find a way to cross into the Otherworld and regain her strength—or forfeit the streets of London to death and disease.

What Did I Think About the Story?

With Kari Edgren's first book in her Goddess Born series (you can read my review of Goddess Born HERE) the author did a wonderful job of combining 1700s Colonial Pennsylvanian history with an otherworldly environment of  ancient powers and healing. In this second installment we move away from the Quaker community our main character Selah has always known into the dangerous, unfamiliar worlds of both London society and the darker and dirtier back alleys of this ever-shifting city. As in the first book, Selah once again has to navigate the very human issues surrounding her, such as being accepted by her fiancĂ©'s noble counterparts that see her as little more than an upstart, as well as the fantastical otherworld that now presents new obstacles and enlightenment that she never even imagined existed.

Selah is a character unlike any other I have seen before. I love the way Ms. Edgren presents her as both a plucky, proud woman ready to fight for the love she has found with Henry Fitzalan as well as a young woman with the goddess Brigid's blood flowing through her veins, blood that gives her this remarkable gift that requires her to heal anyone who asks for her help whether she truly wants to or not. Expanding her story beyond what we saw in Goddess Born, everything Selah must face in A Grave Inheritance pushes her further and further and makes her fight even harder for what she truly wants out of this life as well as to keep herself and those she loves alive.

While the more realistic down-to-earth issues she is facing - getting others to support her marriage to Henry and getting his betrothal to the Princess Amelia dropped so Henry and she can marry, keeping her relationship with her best friend Nora from falling apart in London when their interests pull them in different directions, etc - are interesting, it is the advancement of the otherworldly storyline that really drew me in. In London Selah discovers that there are many more descendants of Brigid walking around, each with their own unique powers, and that the restrictions she has placed on her own powers are only the tip of what she is capable of doing.   Along with these more positive discoveries there is the realization that an ancient evil is also prowling the streets, an evil that wants nothing more than to draw the descendants of Brigid into a battle to save the humans they have been charged with protecting and to unleash even more evil onto the world.

A Grave Inheritance ends on a delicious cliffhanger that has me itching for the next book in the series to come out! I highly recommend those interested in a cross over between historical fiction and fantasy to read both Goddess Born and A Grave Inheritance in preparation for the next book to come. It is easy to become very attached to these well drawn and intriguing characters and the experiences they go through, and I cannot wait to see what angles the story takes and the conclusion to this captivating series.


What Do I Think About the Cover?

I'm not a big fan. I really loved the cover for Goddess Born as it seemed to highlight the sparkle and brilliance of Selah's power while this cover seems more desolate and sad, two things that Selah just doesn't represent. She is a powerful character and I like the idea of seeing her that way on the covers.

My Rating: 4.0/5.0

Thank you to Amy at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for providing me with a free copy of A Grave Inheritance in exchange for an honest review. Be sure to continue below for more information about the author, the book and the rest of the blog tour!

About the Author

Kari Edgren is the author of the Goddess Born series. In 2010 and 2011 she was a semifinalist for the
Amazon Break Through Novel Award. In 2013, she was a RWA Golden Heart finalist. Ms. Edgren enjoys writing both historical and contemporary fiction, so long as there’s a spark of paranormal. She resides on a mountain top in the Pacific Northwest where she spends a great deal of time dreaming about the sun and torturing her husband and children with strange food and random historical facts.

For more information please visit Kari Edgren’s website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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  1. Okay, well, the only perk of not reading this yet is that I won't be tortured by the cliffhanger! ;) Can't wait to get this and the next book -- I so loved the first one!

  2. I think the mixing of history with the magical is always fun. As for the cover, I like, but don't love it. Looking forward to your Feb books.