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Spotlight on Jeep Tour by Gail Ward Olmsted

Publication Date: August 11th, 2015
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
175 pages
The road to romance can get pretty rocky!
When her marriage falls apart and she loses her job, Jackie Sullivan decides to start over among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Is she chasing a dream or Rick, the dreamy tour guide she just met?
Jackie’s efforts to reinvent herself in the tight-knit desert community are complicated. Does Rick want a relationship or just a friend with benefits? In the case of her ex, absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Is it her imagination or is Rob more amazing than ever? Fueled by an unflagging sense of humor and lots of caffeine, Jackie sets off to discover a whole new life- she’s had her happy, now she wants her ever after.


Praise for Jeep Tour


"One of the Best Women's Fic Books I've Read This Year! Jeep Tour is an emotionally rich journey for its heroine and for the reader, as well. There are humorous high points and poignant low ones along the way. I wasn't quite sure where Jax was going to end up. What was she going to do for a career? Would she and Rick be able to make a go of a relationship, or would Jackie get a second chance with her former husband? There are no easy answers, which is why I kept frantically turning pages to find out what happened!

I'm so happy to have discovered Gail Olmsted's work as I really enjoy her witty, observational writing style. I eagerly await her next book and recommend this one to anyone looking for an entertaining read with a likable, three-dimensional heroine who feels like a friend." - BrainyBlonde, Amazon Reviewer

"Jeep Tour is told in first person with lots of humor. Jackie sounds so real, I had to go back to the front to be sure the book was a novel and not an autobiography. Sedona was on my “bucket list” before I read this book, and now it’s there even more so. I don’t recall if Ms. Olmsted mentioned the fact that Sedona is built on a vortex of ley lines, energy lines that criss-cross the Earth, or the spiritual importance of those vortices, but that’s one reason I want to go. She did describe the red rocks, and the incredible sunsets, and… She managed to make me homesick for a place I’ve not yet been to.

Oh, and again, Jackie’s story is funny and warm and witty, too.

If Sedona is on your bucket list, but you don’t have the money to get there, and you want a great read along the way, I suggest you take a Jeep Tour." - Rochelle Weber, Roses & Thorns Reviews

"I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this quick read. It is witty, engaging and funny. Gail Ward Olmstead's writing style really pulls you in, I would recommend this high on your summer reading list- good book club material as well. It leaves you thinking about your priorities in life, disguised as a story about one woman's mid life crisis." - suec., Amazon Reviewer

"Jeep Tour" Takes It's Own Tour! 

After a "real" Sedona jeep tour driver read and loved Gail Ward
Olmsted's novel he decided to share it with some of his fellow drivers...and the reading continued! Here are some fun photos they took as they enjoyed "Jeep Tour"!


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About the Author


My first visit to Sedona, AZ prompted me to start writing JEEP TOUR, my first novel. I fell in love with the red rocks and blue skies. My second novel is Guessing at Normal, a rock and roll love story. I am currently working on a sequel to JEEP TOUR, which will be based in Ireland. A hopeless
romantic, I am married to the love of my life. I am mom to two young adults and three cats, and I enjoy reading, music and travel.

I am a professor in the School of Business & Information Technology at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA. I was the recipient of the Deliso Endowed Chair Award and was recently recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Department of Higher Education as one of “29 Who Shine”.

Learn more about Gail on her Amazon author page and connect with Gail on Twitter, Facebook or through email.  

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