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Interview with Maya Berger, Author of Luna Tree

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and answer some questions, Maya! To get us started, can you tell us a little bit about Luna Tree?

Thank you for a chance to tell your readers about my book!

Luna tree is the first book I’ve written. It is about my desire to become a better version of myself, and my dream to have a baby. I was motivated to write a book because I had very big obstacles to overcome to get to where I am today. I start the book with a peek into my childhood and adolescence. Then I describe my early relationships and finally the period of my life when I met my husband. It was important to me that a reader gets to know my background, where I am coming from. Then I got sick with autoimmune illness that almost made me handicapped. It lasted for almost three years and in that period I visited numerous Western and Eastern medicine practitioners and travelled the world to find a cure. Finally, I got better and conceived a baby. It was an incredible experience, and I felt a need to share it with everyone, especially with people who feel they are in a dead-end street. Today I am healthy and the proud mother of my baby girl Luna.

Your memoir deals with, amongst other things, chronic illness and the difficult road of visiting doctor after doctor without finding relief. It sounds like you also had to battle with the perception from some doctors that the illness and pain was “all in your head”. How did these setbacks affect you, both mentally and physically?

The worst part was not knowing, for three years, what was wrong with me. Not knowing what is wrong with my body is the worst, because If you don’t know what is wrong, you don’t know if there is a medicine for it. Not knowing how will I live for the rest of my life without the ability to sit, or walk, or even lie down without the special mattress was something that I was living with every day and it was hard to accept it.

I never thought the illness was in my head, and was really upset to find out later that actually some of my friends and family thought that was the case. 
The synopsis of your book indicates that you were able to eventually find your way back to good health. What do you think others suffering from chronic illness can learn from your journey?

I don’t think I am the strongest person living. I cried so many times I can’t even count them. The solution is not to give up. I would cry and then find another doctor, then I would cry again and seek another one until I realized that the doctors might not ever diagnose me properly – that’s when I turned to alternative practitioners. There is a solution for every problem, we just have to find it. The worst is to just accept the situation and feel sorry for yourself. It doesn’t really mean you accepted the situation, it just means you gave up. 

Your memoir also deals with the search for true love. Did your illness complicate that search? Do you have any funny moments from this search you could share with us?

I already found my husband-to-be when I got sick. My theory is that I found such a loving and caring person who, for a change took care of me, and then I got sick. Through my whole life I had to care for someone: My Mom, my sister, my boyfriend… and finally there was a person who took care of me and I could relax. But then things went downward. You know, like when you work hard and have no time to be ill, and then you finally get some time, and what happens? You get sick, because you spent the last atom of your strength and now you have no energy for anything. My “time off” started on our skiing trip when I suddenly expected my husband to solve all my little problems that never even existed before (because I was to busy solving other people’s problems ).

This is the part from the book:

I just couldn’t ski anymore, because my ski boots hurt me so badly. This was perhaps a bit strange because I had those boots forever. Even though they had always hurt me a little bit, I could always ski in them. But now suddenly, I couldn’t ski in them at all. That’s when we decided to go buy some new ski boots for me.

The next day, after successfully skiing in new ski boots, we went for a walk. However, this time I soaked my winter shoes all the way to my skin. I was feeling miserable and just couldn’t walk in them anymore, so we went back to the apartment. Then, I just became too cold to ski! In the past I had skied in storms, but now suddenly I couldn’t ski at all because I was absolutely shivering from the cold. Something strange was happening to me physically or psychologically and I just couldn’t understand what it was.
What does a typical day (if there is one) look like for you? How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?

I started to write my first book when I got my baby girl. I would write when she was asleep. I always had time for writing, because I felt the need to share my story and maybe help someone in a similar situation feel better. Nowadays, I write an hour or two daily in the morning or evening when I don’t have other responsibilities like my work as a presenter, housework or playing with my girl. If you love doing something, you will always make the time to do it.
A lot of authors have become huge on social media, not only promoting their work but interacting with their readers and offering up giveaways, book recommendations, etc. Are you a big proponent of using social media in this way? How do you prefer to interact with your fans?

Absolutely. I had Facebook and Twitter profiles even before I wrote the book so I was familiar with the power of social media. Then, when it was published I found a team of people that would help me advertise it, and the whole strategy revolved around social media – we established a platform that includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and the book’s website that unifies all. Once we set up everything, dialog with my fans started. I love social media, especially Twitter, because you can really get to the truth of the matter. Things are transparent there, and if you listen to what the people have to say, you can find valuable insights. I think every writer should have a strong SM platform.

Are you working on any other books that we can look forward to reading in the future?

I am finishing my second book, also a chick-lit memoir, so to say. It is a funny story about two girls invited to a Belgian wedding. There is a twist, too, and I think readers will love it!

To close out, I’ve noticed that a lot of authors are also big readers. When you have time for leisure reading what sorts of books do you gravitate towards? Have you read anything good lately?

I like psychological dramas, chick-lit, sometimes thrillers. I read all books by Lianne Moriarty, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and Rainbow Rowell. Those are my favorite writers, but I’ll read anything if I have the time.

Publisher: Luna Tree Publishing
Publication Date: January 11th, 2016
Pages: 212
Maya is kicking up her heels, living the fabulous and mostly carefree life of a twenty-something young woman. However, in the back of her mind continuous longing for a good marriage and family lingered. How do you find the right man, the one who sticks through thick and thin? Will he provide you with the things you find essential in a relationship?
Maya kissed a few frogs before finding her Prince Charming, but what followed was of higher importance.

She started feeling chronic pain in her lower back, the pain that wouldn't let her neither sit nor stand. Thus Maya began her relentless quest for diagnosis and healing, which she ends after discovering Energy healing. She travels the globe to receive and raise her own stored Energy, the one that changes everything.

Her ultimate desires come true.

Amazon Reviews of Luna Tree

"One word: THANKFUL! I am very thankful to have found this book! It has helped me in so many ways: one being to remind myself about all the positives I have going on in my life right now and to focus on those things – and pushing the negatives from the past and present out of the way on a consistent basis. Reading this book has been exactly what I have needed to read at this crossroads point in my life. Even as a 50-something year old woman, I can relate with the author because I’ve been living through a similar but different type of situation the past few years. This book has given me MUCH HOPE as I continue in my own life’s journey forward as I search for answers. The author’s “never give up” attitude is contagious! I highly recommend this book to anyone (men or women) who is on a path to find much needed answers to never-ending challenges in your life – no matter what the issue may be. You WILL be inspired and encouraged by this book and glean many life lessons. I have no doubt! Also - I can say YES, this book has definitely inspired my own inner Luna Tree! Once again…I have one word for finding this book: THANKFUL!" - JoyceyRose
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Luna Tree: The Baby Project. I initially expected the entire book to be focused on having a baby, but it was so much more than that. The author, Maya Berger, tells her life story and the struggles she went through throughout the years. From growing up seeing an unhappy marriage between her parents, to her unexpected health issues, it's a story that many people can relate to. I personally felt connected to what the author had gone through, as I have had similar life lessons. Through her quest to heal her body, she discovers energetic healing and how energies affect our life. While there are many books about positive energy and manifestations such as The Secret, this book gives the reader a true testimonial of how positively a person's life can be transformed when they focus on good energy. Towards the end of the book, Maya proves that strengthening the mind with positive energy gave her the ultimate gift that she had always dreamed of, and that you can too! I recommend this book to everyone as they seek to transform their own lives positively." - Anna Saricci
"So easy to read and so much to remember. Although I knew nothing of autoimmune diseases like spondylitis, this moving battle reminded that all of us have autodestructive tendencies, and shows how courage and faith in self can take us where we never strived before. Towards excellency and harmony. At first it seemed so simple, but that is always the case before the storm. And then, this caleidoscope of love, travel, illness and inner strength just suck you into a, what I figured, is a really nice book! I even missed the tram station on my way from work." - Amazon Customer
"Loved the book
Incredibly genuine and honest memoir about a young woman overcoming serious medical issues, trying to evolve into a more tranquil and balanced person with the final goal to have a child. It is written in simple and entertaining way.
I was both laughing and feeling sad.
Told my husband to read it.
Thanks for sharing your life story and uplifting me during rough times." - Pat

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About the Author

I am a 41-year-old woman from Croatia (You know, a small country on the Adriatic in which big productions houses come to shoot Game of Thrones and Star Wars scenes, the home of Nikola Tesla's roots, and so on). I was born in Zagreb where I live, but studied marketing in Dubrovnik and life was rosy until something stopped me - Ankylosing Spondylitis.

I battled chronic pain for years, and was misdiagnosed for quite some time, so when AS was finally defined, I felt relief. I also found a way to get rid of chronic pain following some alternative medicine options - I traveled the globe and cured my chronic pain through the Energy healing. As I personally dislike depressing books, I did everything to avoid writing one. I hope I managed :)

Besides reading and writing, I coach Energy relalxation sessions and promote Croatian tourism. I live and work in Zagreb, Croatia.

You can find out more about Maya, her book, as well as her social media sites on Luna Tree's website.


  1. Wow! Great interview. This sounds like an amazing book. I'm adding it to my list!!

    1. Thank you so much, Letty! I hope you love it when you get the chance to read it and I hope you come back and let me know what you think!