Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where Writers Write: Guest Post by Laura Ellen Scott, Author of The Juliet

My writing space is in a transitional mode, mainly because I have retired the old writing desk that my grandfather built—it’s uncomfortable and starting to fall apart. With three novels under my belt and another in draft mode, I feel like it’s time for me to stop thinking of my writing room as the Guest Bedroom and start thinking of it as my Home Office (with a bed in it). So for the first time in my life, I’m trying to turn my desk into a destination, heavy on the ocean colors, mint candles, and a cool internet radio station from Russia called Cosmic Waves. I wrote my last book on mint candle fumes, and now I’m addicted. I’m pretty happy with how the space is developing, but I have yet to solve the problem of power cords. 

The other place I write is at my cabin in the West Virginia panhandle. I don’t have a dedicated space there, but it isn’t necessary since there are breathtaking views from every window.

In either location, I write under the intense scrutiny of my two terriers, Penelope and Trillian.

 Trade Paperback – Available now
Publisher: Pandamoon Publishing
ISBN13: 9781945502002
258 pages

 During Death Valley’s great wildflower bloom of 2005, retired cowboy actor Rigg Dexon gives a rootless woman a gift that will change her life forever: the deed to The Mystery House, a century old shack long thought to be the hiding place of a legendary emerald known as The Juliet.

Willie Judy remembers Dexon from cereal commercials she watched as a kid, but now she’ll spend the next seven days searching for the truth about him, the house, and herself, as the history of The Juliet reveals the American Dream’s dark side—one that is corrupt, bawdy, and half insane. 

Praise for The Juliet

"As rich, varied, and vivid as the wildflower bloom in Death Valley, The Juliet gives us a panorama of lives desperate to be reinvented and, in that most American story, drawn west for one final chance. Scott's characters' good luck may be fleeting as those rare flowers, but the thrill of following them into the desert lasts through the very last page and beyond."-Steve Himmer author of The Bee-Loud Glade, Fram, and Scratch

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About the Author

Laura Ellen Scott is the author of several novels including Death Wishing, a comic fantasy set in post-Katrina New Orleans, The Juliet, a western about the search for a cursed emerald in Death Valley, and the New Royal Mysteries series set in a fictional college/prison town in Ohio. The first New Royal Mystery is The Mean Bone in Her Body, will be released in late 2016. Born and raised in Northern Ohio, Laura now lives in Fairfax, Virginia and teaches creative writing at George Mason University. 

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