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Spotlight on Intomesee: In Pursuit of a Passionate Life by Maha Erwin

Publisher: Maha Erwin
Pub. Date: June 29th, 2016
Pages: 257

Genre: Women's Fiction / Chick Lit

What if you brought bad karma into the bedroom? To turn your awful luck into awesome, everything must change, including you, your lover and your habits.

Aimée Fitzgerald is naturally blessed with the unique combination of beauty and brains but, much to her chagrin, she’s cursed with being single and unlucky in love. Experiencing many failed relationships, her New Year’s resolution is to rejoice in her singlehood. She pushes well past her comfort zone in the heart of San Francisco, the birthplace of free love.

When she lures a supremely narcissistic colleague to her Victorian “pink lady” home, expecting no more than a few hours of guiltless fun, their binge-crazed one-nighter takes a turn for the worse. Haunted by the bleak aftermath, she drowns her sorrows in a lethal cocktail of quick fixes.

On a mission to lift her spirits, her lifelong friend, Kasey Moore, escorts Aimée to an extravagant launch party promoting the libido-enhancing drug Intomesee. She falls madly in lust with the gutsy and charming host, Salvatore Rossi, whom goes by the name Matador. He isn’t exactly the poster boy of fidelity, but his zest for la dolce vita offsets his blatant disregard for the unspoken rules of dating. No stranger to the pleasure principle, Matador introduces Aimée to alternative expressions of intimacy, all the while painting her gloomy life passionately red.

Will Matador break down Aimée’s guard, curing her fears of rejection and betrayal? Or will she tumble deeper into her existential crisis? If she snubs his advances, she might follow in her mother’s footsteps, trapped in a sex-starved marriage, feeling underappreciated and overwhelmed. Did she overlook any other options to reclaim her autonomy and dignity? The answers lie within a liberating journey, which demands all her imagination, resourcefulness, and trickery.

Praise for Intomesee

"Intomesee is true to the old-time raunchy spirit of San Francisco, neither predictable nor puritanical. The humor is totally one-of-a-kind Maha-Erwin – quirky, offbeat, and satirical. You will be hooked! And you will be laughing… hard! The characters are so real and likable, reading it I kept feeling as if I could find them sitting around my local café. Aimee is not your mother’s strong female protagonist. ; ) She’s real, flawed, colorful, and has a heart of gold. I think this book teaches perseverance, sassiness, and above all, to be true to your heart. And it will no doubt jump-start more than a few marriages! Every young woman has a bit of Aimee in her, and many navigate their romance path along a zigzag past one or two Matadors. You find yourself rooting for Aimee all the way through. And frequently doubled over crying from laughing." – Amazon Reviewer

"If you’re looking for a different kind of chick lit, look no further. Aimee has a unique balance of emotional grit, common sense, and foolishness uncommon among the main characters of the genre. The layered storylines are unpredictable but keep you thinking about your own life, the mistakes you’ve made along the way, and how you pushed through to change the circumstances you willfully created." – Goodreads Reviewer

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About the Authors

Maha Erwin are wife and husband writers. Born travelers possessed by wanderlust, they met during a two-month safari from Cape Town to Nairobi in 2010. Friends and strangers alike encouraged them to write the story of how they fell in love, but only years later did they dream up a somewhat romanticized version of their coming together, immersing themselves into the magical world of
fiction. Producers and directors at the 2013 American Film Market were raving about their indie film script but expressed serious words of warning: without attaching a bestselling novel, financing it would be impossible. Maha Erwin accepted the challenge and morphed into aspiring novelists. While gallivanting around the globe, the seeds of creative stories continued to grow, blossoming into deliciously funny flowers. By 2016, the page count of their chick lit series exploded sevenfold from the original 120-page screenplay. Much of their inspiration is derived from the quirky and unforgettable moments they experienced during their extended stays in wild Amsterdam, exotic Bangkok, civilized Belgrade, beautiful Cape Town, tropical Miami, bustling New York City, luxurious Punta del Este, cultural Rome, stylish San Francisco, jungle-covered Siam Reap, culinary Sicily, beachy Split, and spiritual Ubud. Next year, they will host intensive writers’ retreats in the Czech Republic - to pluck aspiring writers out of their world full of distractions, and to immerse them into a little bubble, floating around forested trails, tranquil lake shores, and sunny terraces.

Learn more about Maha Erwin on their website, and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads. You can also get a taste of their travels in the video below:

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