Monday, September 19, 2016

It's Time to #GetIndie with Litsy!

Back in May I shared an interview I did with one of the co-founders of Out of Print in which we discussed their newest adventure, the social media app Litsy (see the post HERE). Since then I've become somewhat obsessed with the app, checking it almost every day for new book recommendations, fun bookish pictures, and to share the new books I'm receiving and reading all the time. It truly is an amazing and inclusive community of book lovers, with more than 30,000 members in 125 countries. And all since April!

I wanted to share with everyone a new campaign going on over at Litsy, one that was described to me as " a fusion of social discovery and support within the book community and backed by a renowned author." Amy Stewart, author of the newly released Lady Cop Makes Trouble, is leading this social media campaign on her book tour, sharing with everyone all the books that Independent booksellers are recommending to their patrons as well as the booksellers, and their delightful stores, themselves. What isn't there to love about this?! Here's more information about the #GetIndie campaign:

Amy’s September 2016 book tour has been converted into a Litsy-based indie bookstore lovefest. At each bookstore, Amy will post about her book as well as other books supported by independent venues. The movement will build an alliance for indie bookstores, as the country boasts hundreds of venues with authors promoting their books at each location daily.

Social media is all about discoverability. Litsy displays how we interact with books and since each post is tied to a book, the #getindie campaign highlights what authors and readers are finding in specific stores.

Amy’s getting the community involved by requesting their support by visiting their favorite independent bookstore, giving a shout-out to a book through a blurb or post and include the #getindie hashtag. She’s also recruited many other authors, including Alexander Chee and Christina Baker Kline.

Look for it under the #getindie hashtag on Litsy.
Inkwood Books in Tampa, FL

I recently shared my favorite local Indie Bookstore, Inkwood Books, on Litsy with the #getindie hashtag. I've gone to a number of different author events at Inkwood Books, as well as attended events that discussed upcoming books they are excited about and of course just gone in to shop. I'm looking forward to possibly joining one of their monthly book clubs as well...they have all sorts of exciting stuff going on over there!
Barbara Davis author event at Inkwood Books

Does anyone else have a favorite Independent Bookstore in their town? Is anyone else on Litsy? If so I would love to connect! You can find me on there as Colleen Turner or candc320, so come find me or leave your Litsy name in the comments!

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